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Google Home Mini: a Glitch

Recently, my first-generation Google Home Mini started “glitching” when I would issue a request to it. Immediately after I made my request, the device would freeze for about five seconds, respond indicating that there was an error, and finally, instruct me to try again in a few seconds. Needless to say, I found this highly annoying and set out to find a solution. After some searching, I found an answer on Google's support forums that looked promising. I had recently set up a mesh network at home, and specifically remembered enabling IPv6. Unfortunately, it appears the Mini doesn't play well on Wi-Fi networks with IPv6 enabled. I disabled IPv6, restarted the Wi-Fi network, and rebooted the Mini. It's been smooth sailing since. I hope this helps anyone else dealing with this highly frustrating issue, and also serves as a reference for me the next time the problem occurs! Please note that I'm not a computer guru, and can't offer suggestions for how to disable IPv6 on