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The Shameful COVID-Shamers

I've been careful during the past year, or so I tell myself. I've followed the health safety guidelines, and have avoided restaurants, crowded indoor areas, and have worked from my home office the entire time. As much as I hated the necessity of masks, the science was too clear to ignore, and so I begrudgingly wore one to avoid giving people a virus that could kill them. For the most part, I kept to myself about people who viewed the last year differently, but was absolutely frustrated with people who didn't seem to think the virus was a serious threat to public health. I worked hard to refrain from judgment because I know what it feels like to be judged, though I did find myself occasionally dropping a “covidiot” bomb. One thing this pandemic has revealed is a certain nastiness in people, and I'm not just referring to the so-called “anti-maskers.” The behavior of the deniers and anti-maskers has been abhorrent and not something I condone. I'd also be remiss if I di

Information, Vaccine Hesitancy, and Other Gripes

Public health officials are doing us a disservice by telling us that even after we are vaccinated, we still have to keep taking the same precautions. For people who might be on the fence about the vaccines, or are getting on with their lives just fine amidst the pandemic, this kind of rhetoric isn't a great motivator for people to get the vaccines. If nothing's going to change, why bother? I empathize with this sentiment, because I feel this way, though I have every intention of getting the vaccination as soon as it's available to me. I like data. In the right hands, it's a useful tool for decision-making. I am certain public health officials have metrics they're monitoring in order to establish a rough timeline for easing restrictions. Sadly, they aren't sharing that information freely with the public. Instead, they advise us to continue taking the same precautions for an indefinite amount of time. People aren't dumb, and they know how to read data. It woul