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If Trump is Acquitted, Blame Democrats from the Clinton Impeachment?

There is some truth here , and as much as I thought the Clinton impeachment was a partisan attack motivated by a desire to destroy the Clintons, the senate at the time decided that Clinton's misdeeds were not worth a conviction. The author is clear that the subject of today's trial differs significantly from that of Clinton's, and Trump's transgressions were much, much more of an existential threat to the Republic. It doesn't mean, though, that Clinton's actions weren't criminal. I find the premise that things would go differently today if the senate had convicted Clinton to be flawed. Perhaps things would be different, although I am highly skeptical that Republicans today would act with honor. They've shown their disdain for precedent many times in the past five years in their pursuit for power, even brazenly abandoning rules that they themselves set. I support this impeachment process unequivocally as an American and a nearly lifelong Democrat. In a pe


At the end of 2019, I began casually practicing mindfulness meditation. Just over a year later, it's become a nearly essential part of my routine; it provides me an off-ramp to ease back into my personal life after an eight-hour (often longer) workday. Some folks have expressed interest in hearing more about this routine, so I thought it would be helpful to chronicle my experiences: the good, the bad, and the frustrating. Buddhism has been an interest of mine for several years now, and I have a particular affinity for the simplicity of Zen Buddhism. It strips away a lot of the religious/spiritual elements more common in forms of Buddhism found in Tibet, for example. I sometimes use the term Zen meditation , when it is probably more accurate to refer to it as mindfulness meditation. This type of meditation focuses on being aware and present for each passing moment. Contrary to popular belief, it's not about emptying the mind or teleporting to some sort of astral plane. It's