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Press Hypocrisy

I love the work that Eric Boehlert is doing at Press Run . He does a fabulous job of pointing out the hypocrisy and double standards of mainstream media outlets. His latest piece discusses the "unity" canard that the press, and Republicans, can't seem to grasp. Some key points from me are below: "Three days into Biden's presidency and the press was demanding to know when he'd start placating the GOP by pushing 'Republican priorities.' (Answer: That's not how elections work.)" "As is custom with the D.C. media, the entire onus of bipartisanship is being placed on Democrats, who are responsible for breaking the Capitol fever, which is fueled by obstructionist Republicans." "Obviously 'unity' doesn't have to be about legislation and governance. Unity can be about having a President of the United States who doesn't call members of the opposing party baby killers, and thieves, and demand they be jailed." "

Mask Rage

Most people who know me are aware of my irrational hatred of the face masks the medical professionals have asked us to wear during this pandemic. I suspect several factors are at play, chief among them creepiness, accompanied by some sort of visceral revulsion that seems trauma-related. I only say that because it's a similar reaction that I have to other (minor) traumas; it's not an official diagnosis. Despite these hangups, I wear a face covering because negligent homicide isn't a life goal. As much of a misanthrope as I can be, peoples' lives do matter to me. Once I am vaccinated, I have gradual plans to see friends and family who I can trust will also get the vaccination, and there will be no masks. In fact, save some of your masks for after we've achieved mass vaccinations, so you can throw them into the bonfire I'm planning on having. Today, I read two articles: one arguing that at about fourteen days after the second shot, individuals can begin relaxing me

A Brighter Road Ahead

Today, many of us who cared about democracy, freedom, and the continuation of our republic exhaled a sigh of relief. We feel lighter, and we feel hope the end may be in sight for this nearly year-long pandemic, and we feel relief for our LGBTQ+ friends and family. We are hopeful for communities of color and for those seeking asylum. There is hope that children ripped from their parents by a callous cabal of sociopaths, can be reunited with their parents. It's a long road ahead, but instead of dread, we continue the journey with optimism and hope that the future will be brighter.

It's Not You

The last four years have been trying for most of us and have strained or destroyed relationships. Donald Trump entered his presidential run and caused a metaphorical earthquake that left a massive chasm between friends and families. We’ve lost friends. Family members have disowned each other. It’s difficult, and sad, and I can only offer these words as consolation: your rejection of Donald Trump does not reflect poorly on you. You chose decency and democracy over callousness and authoritarianism. If you chose the former, you bear no culpability for the demise of your relationships, as the millions of Americans who rejected Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020 can assure you. We might never mend some of these fractured relationships, while others may take months, years, or decades to heal. If you stood for plurality, kindness, human rights, and democratic values, you are not the problem. Some of your former acquaintances may come to see their moral lapses and repent, but the responsibility to


The criminals who invaded the capital on January 6th, 2021 are not patriots. There is nothing noble or heroic about violently storming the capitol building and disrupting a legal proceeding that is outlined in the constitution of the United States . Those who took part in — or even endorsed — such actions are seditious goons with an axe to grind because the election results didn't favor them. The events yesterday were a culmination of unhinged ramblings and lies from the occupant of the White House, and years of disinformation emanating from the dark recesses of the web. Finally, there is simply no room for whataboutism here. The events of the summer do not hold a candle to the actual sedition that we witnessed yesterday. The demonstrations — and yes, violence — from this summer were to protest hundreds of years of oppression and marginalization of Black people. To equate those protests to yesterday's domestic terrorism is fallacious and ignorant.