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The Endangered Republic

I despise the current president; there's no polite way to put it. I find him to be amoral, crass, and lacking both the intelligence and temperament required for one to occupy the highest office in the land. More than that, though, I believe he is dangerous, not only due to his incompetence but also to his authoritarian tendencies. I truly sense that the republic is in danger, and I'm not attempting to be hyperbolic. When a president describes the press as the "enemy of the people," opines about using the Justice Department as a tool to investigate his adversaries, appoints hard-right judges to the courts, and operates within the context of a sympathetic congress who shows no desire to check the executive branch, it is unsettling. It is the stuff of autocracies, not of a democratic republic with co-equal branches of government. Please vote in November. It may be our last free and legitimate election.


Events over the past several years have stirred up quite a bit in this forty-three-year-old brain. I've decided I need a place to put some of these ponderings. I've found that writing down my fears, victories, anger, joy, sadness, etc... to be a therapeutic exercise, therefore, I'll attempt to revive this blog.