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A Discovery

Every once in a while, someone or some event opens your mind to something new. Over the past few months, I've discovered the miracle of a Bloody Mary. Now, before you get to thinking I'm some kind of crazy lush, I should point out that I am talking about the non-alcoholic variety of this drink. I first tasted a Bloody Mary at a wedding two months ago, and then a friend told me this past Saturday how a Bloody Mary is a great way to wake yourself up. Last night, I started simple and mixed some V8 with Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce, and some coarse ground pepper. Today I made myself two drinks after lunch. It might just be the perfect drink - tasty, spicy, and a nice pick-me-up. Who needs the alcohol? Not only does the drink taste great, but it provides you with a nice serving of vegetables made from concentrate and reconstituted something-or-other. I also use the low-sodium version of V8, which makes for an even healthier serving. Suggestions are welcome for how I might bui

Texas Gubernatorial Debates

Kandis and I watched the Texas gubernatorial debates this morning. The debates actually aired Friday night, but thanks to our DVR, we were able to watch them at our convenience. As is typical of political debates, the hour was full of questions, and responses that had little to do with answering those questions. What follows are some of the impressions I gathered from each candidate. Rick Perry : The incumbent and skilled politician seemed to answer most of the questions, while avoiding sound bites and campaign slogans. I'm not a republican, so he won't get my vote, but he was very polished and professional. Chris Bell : He did quite well, and up until this point I didn't know much about him. He didn't answer the first question that he was asked, but improved after that. I liked his position that standardized tests are overly emphasized in Texas, and less attention is placed on teaching core subjects. Kinky Friedman : The "anti-politician" strategy is working

More adage analysis and revisions...

"Good things come to those who wait" Bad things also come to those who wait. I'd say there's about a 50% chance something good will happen, and a 50% chance something bad will happen to those who wait. In addition, if one waits for too long, an opportunity might pass. That's not so good. "About half the time, good things come to those who wait"

A Sad Day

There's not much sense to be made of the shooting and killing of four Amish girls today in Pennsylvania. In fact, it seems futile to attempt to make any sense of it. Getting angry achieves little, though it's hard to keep from being angry at such a cowardly and heinous act. The news outlets will talk about it some more, and we'll see psychologists on television trying to explain the shooter's frame of mind or what the victims felt in their last minutes. And then we'll all forget about it and go on with our lives until something else happens. I have nothing to offer beyond condolences and sympathy to the people who are suffering from this incident, and from last week's incident in Colorado.

Pining and Opining

Remember going to the grocery store in the good old days before cell phones came around? You'd go with a list, and if you forgot something, or weren't sure about which kind of dealy-bob to get, you'd finish your trip only to get home and discover you forgot something, or got the wrong dealy-bob. Alas though, you did have one last resort to save yourself from a disappointing return home. If you were particularly quick-thinking and had some spare change, you could insert that change into the nearest pay phone. Maybe the phone would let you place your call, or maybe it wouldn't. One thing was certain though -- you'd never see that change again. Nowadays, you can't get through a trip to the grocery store without seeing at least five people engaged in a cell phone conversation. Of those five, one will have a wireless ear piece and appear to be talking to themselves. You'll tell me it's progress and technology, and that it's marvelous. I'll agree with