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There's a Little Death Metal in All of Us

Tonight, I went to Click's Billiards on North Lamar . That will mean something to fellow Austinites . It was Kandis' birthday, and we decided to head out to see a band comprised of four individuals, two of them high school classmates of Kandis . The name of the band is Peyton Gin , a talented group who undoubtedly enjoys what they do. They have a great energy which quickly works its way through the crowd. I don't think I've head-banged in at least twenty years, but tonight, I rocked. I rocked on as much as an uptight, thirty-one year old, Cabernet Sauvignon-drinking computer programmer can. We all have some stored up energy inside of us that can be channeled and released with a series of jerky head movements. I highly recommend attending a death metal show and letting loose for an hour. It's therapeutic and -- more importantly -- fun.

A Christian Foundation

The other day, while browsing , I came across a profile of a woman who described herself as a patriotic Republican, and a "huge proponent of restoring our country to its christian [sic] foundation". I find this to be a little unclear, so I embarked on a small journey to see if I could find evidence for this Christian foundation. As I discovered, there are at least a few important points in time that could mark the foundation of our country. Only one has any religious significance. 1607 : Settlers arrived at Jamestown on May 13th, naming it "James Cittie". This will become the first permanent English settlement on our shores. The settlers were a group of entrepreneurs known as the Virginia Company. This group was granted a charter by King James I to establish an English settlement in the Mid-Atlantic region. The reasons for settlement were economic, as the settlers had been instructed to find gold and a water route to the orient. 1 Hmmmm, hardly seems a

IQ 138

I took this test today for fun and scored a 138. I didn't guess on any of them, and did really well with the visual questions. Though, I have to say, most of the visual questions were so easy, that I'm sure most people will get those right. I am under no delusions, however, that scoring somewhat well on an online IQ test means that I am intelligent. For a good explanation of IQ's and what different score ranges mean, have a look at .

Get your moonshine!

I may or may not have mentioned that Kandis got me a banjo for my birthday. Actually, I just checked the archives, and I did not. This past weekend, I started learning to play my first song on the banjo, and the file I've linked to here shows the fruits of my labor. I'm still learning, so it's played much slower than it normally would be by an accomplished banjo player. There are a couple of unintended tempo changes due to my newness and excitement, but heck, I think it sounds Appalachian enough for you all to break out the moonshine! Have fun, and I'd love to hear your comments, even the harsh ones. Cripple Creek.mp3

Happy Anniversary!

Last night, Kandis and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary at Eddie V's Edgewater Grille at the Austin Arboretum. The food was perfect, as always, and the service was superb. I also consumed a sixteen dollar glass of Caberbnet, which did not disappoint. (For that price, there'd better not be any disappointment!) The best thing about the outing? Spending it with the beautiful woman who has made my life so much more than I ever thought it could be for the past six years. Happy Anniversary, honey. I love you!

Rob in the Mountains

Rob in the Mountains Originally uploaded by rbseaver . I'm a little late with the picture, but I thought I should have something to show for our trip to Montana earlier this month. This shot was taken during a little hike with my aunt during the afternoon. What you don't see is the wind that was rushing and whistling through the mountains. I was sick that day, so I sat on a bench overlooking the scenery while my aunt hiked along for a bit, and was able to appreciate the serenity and beauty of nature. People say that nature talks to you if you listen, and I think it spoke to me that day.

U-Station Blues

I've had fluid in my ear for two weeks. I went to the doctor on Monday and was prescribed some antibiotics and decongestants. So far, they haven't seemed to work well, and I have one day left of antibiotic treatment. You might say I'm a little concerned. During the course of my illness, I've learned about the Eustachian tubes, which connect the middle ear to the back of the nose. Their job is to regulate pressure in the ear and to drain the middle ear of unwanted substances. Apparently, I developed some kind of blockage due to a cold, and my return flight from Montana probably exacerbated and prolonged this condition. Let's talk for a moment about flying while your ear contains fluid. I've never been through the experience of giving birth, and I've been fortunate enough over the years to have avoided any serious injuries. One could argue that I've lived a relatively pain-free life, or don't know the meaning of pain. On that plane, though, when we

Who would have guessed? Spam is good for your colon!

From: Healthy Colon Sent: Monday, July 24, 2006 5:39 am To: rseaver Cc: Bcc: Subject: Robert, Discover the benefits of a Healthy Colon Advertisement - To Unsubscribe, See Below Important Note: The average person contains 5 to 25 pounds of waste build up in their colon. This leads to being overweight, colon cancer, deadly toxins and parasite build up! *Initially, I posted all of the images and links that came with this spam message, but decided that would give more help to the spammers than they deserved. I'll leave it up to you to find the bottle of pills that was being advertised. For the record, I found this humorous, and decided to share. I don't know what's in my colon, but I'm sure whatever the contents, they are normal. Eat your fruits and vegetables, boys and girls, and you'll be just fine! Do I even have to tell people not to believe anything contained in a spam message?