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Today, just a little after 2pm, we received our first significant rainfall here in over a month. We may have some more on the way later tonight, but there will be a lull for at least several hours. As much as I want the rain, I hope that it rains itself out before our departure from Austin early Wednesday morning. Nothing like flight delays to get your trip started!

A Momentous Occasion

Early this morning, I received my first "hate" comment from someone. This particular reader took issue with a post I made back in April: . In that post, I initially commented on the conservative approach to attacking liberal viewpoints. It typically involves a personal attack that has little to do with the issues that our country faces. I also noted that liberals are often guilty of the same types of attacks towards conservatives, which I find equally shameful. It's this type of childish approach to debate that keeps us from having any meaningful discussions about the issues. I welcome dissenting opinions here. I don't think one can have a blog and not expect to be challenged. In an ideal world, we would have an exchange of opposing, but debatable and intelligent ideas. We are far from ideal, however, and often, people let their emotions do the talking for them. Am I upset about be calling inbred? Initi

Requiescat in Pace

No. Our cat, Chicken, has not passed on, but it sure looks that way. Here she is, resting peacefully in a sunny spot. When she's in this position, we often refer to her as a "dead squirrel".

Rob attempts to disprove an old adage, and gets a craving for cake

Guess what, kids? You can have your cake and eat it, too. From the time I was a child, I never believed that old adage. I frequently had cake and ate it, and still do, though not quite as frequently. The adage I'm talking about is evidently widely misunderstood, due to its poor wording. Let's take a look at it this proverb in a little more detail: "You can't have your cake and eat it too" As the proverb states, you have in your possession a cake. Logically and linguistically, you can eat this very cake of which you are in possession. In fact, if you are eating cake, then you must already possess it. Some argue that in order to understand the proverb better, the words "eat" and "have" should be interchanged . Changing the order of the words doesn't help, because, as worded, it still implies possession and consumption cannot occur simultaneously, which is simply not true. Perhaps the word "have" is to be interpreted as already h

To tell you the truth...

This post on Broad Sunlit Uplands poses an interesting question: "The irrational certitudes of ideological or religious belief are strangely and readily accepted and empirical evidence is not even acknowledged. I wonder what it is in people, which would make them want to believe something to be true when it is demonstrably false?" I started thinking about this quite a bit, and recalled some past discussions with Christian acquaintances and friends. (My circle of friends these days seems to lack adequate Christian representation. Oh well.) There a few reasons that I think cause people to believe something that has been proven false. They have not been exposed to facts that might disprove their beliefs. The lack of exposure may be due to limited availability of resources (unlikely), or refusal to pursue the facts (more likely). Dismissal of the facts available and presented as "propaganda". Acceptance/analysis of facts might cause a person to rethink their beliefs,

August Cometh

August is here. For us Texans (or, maybe just for us yankees-turned-Texans), that means one more month of Summer has passed and we're just a little bit closer to Autumn. Last year, Fall started in November down here, or so it seemed. Other notable facts about August: It's National Psoriasis Awareness month. My birthday falls on the fourth of the month. I'll be thirty-one. The numbers three and one add up to four. Coincidence? I think not. In August 2005, the average high temperature at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport was 97.1 degrees Fahrenheit. The maximum temperature reached was 102 on August 27th and 31st. It's Admit You're Happy Month , which might lead one to question when Admit You're Not Happy Month occurs. According to my brief and cursory research, it doesn't. August was originally named Sextillis , but was renamed by Augustus Caesar in the year 8 B.C. It was the sixth month of the Roman calendar, which started in March. I am indebted to