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Rob gripes about the weathermen and makes his own forecast

I'm starting to doubt the credibility of our weather forecasters. In central Texas, the lack of rain has become a problem lately. I happen to like rain, and I like my yard to be green without having to waste water by using a sprinkler. I'm not mad at the weather (well, maybe a little). What I don't like is that local TV meteorologists have been telling us for a couple of days now that there's a 50-60% of measurable rain today (they just dropped that down to 40-50% as of this morning). I'm not a scientist, but perhaps our meteorologists are not looking at the same radars and maps that they're showing the viewers. Clearly, the maps show that the large area of precipitation in southeastern and eastern Texas is moving directly to the north. The low-pressure system causing this rain is being pushed eastward by a high pressure system off to the north and west. My untrained eyes can see that this rain is not going to make it to central Texas, and there were actually s

Not too terrible... or is it?

The latest traffic reporter for News 8 Austin has a very annoying habit of saying that the traffic in certain locations is "not too terrible". One morning, I caught him use the phrase at least twice in the span of a few minutes. There have been two traffic reporters since Jabari Warfield , and neither has been able to fill his shoes. We miss you, Jabari, and so does Burton !


Should I interpret the volume of comment spam I've received over the past couple of weeks as a sign that my blog has made it to the big leagues now? Is it finally time to sit back and watch the cash roll in? Not likely. With a blog that only averages about 5-6 hits per day, I've got a ways to go.

Donuts with Kandi

Kandis and I headed to Dunkin' Donuts this morning for reasons that should be apparent if you are at least semi-literate and have read this far. Donuts are something that I have very mixed feelings towards (Yes, that's a preposition at the end of a clause. I'm trying to be less stuffy these days. Note that I went back and forth three times before coming to a final decision). Those feelings are probably best summarized by saying "I hate that I love them". Deep-fried doughy goodness. My arteries will forgive me some day. What's that they say about everything is ok in moderation? Can someone remind me what moderation is again?

Raw fish, good times

Last night, we took our friend Brian out to Ichiban in Austin for sushi as a slightly belated birthday present. (Happy Birthday, Brian!) We overfilled ourselves with raw fish, and we all looked good eating it, too! As you can see, these pictures were taken before we completely destroyed the fish. I don't think I've ever stuffed myself so much on sushi. Note to self: the thirty-four piece combo is too much food even for three people.
I'm sorry, Kerbey Lane on north 183. I don't think you're worth a ten minute wait at 12:45 am on a Saturday morning. Your food is good, but your service is sub-par. I think perhaps that in your pursuit of hipness, you've forgotten the importance of good customer service (You are under no obligation, however, to provide good customer service to an asshole customer; the customer is not always right.) Remember, you want to make your customers feel like coming back. I currently do not.