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Fool me once...

I sometimes wonder about the folks who have bumper stickers that show support of the Bush/Cheney 2004 campaign. I'm admittedly looking at things through my liberal glasses, but how does one justify voting for this man twice? I might be able to accept the idea that someone fell for his straight-talking, tax-cutting, cowboy act once. Hasn't enough happened, though, to cause one to question his competence?

A second vote for Bush in 2004 must have been the result of pride (voting otherwise would have been an admission of a mistake), denial of the status quo, or some kind of belief that it's better to keep this man in power during wartime. I don't believe that lack of intelligence is a reason, as stupidity transcends party lines. I also have friends that voted for Bush who are equally -- if not more -- intelligent than I. Hey there, one friend of mine who voted for this guy!

"...fool me once, shame on ... shame on you. Fool me ... you can't get fooled again."

Apparently, they can be fooled again. And many of them were.

Have a great week!


  1. You are unfortunatly the result of several generations of inbreeding. Do your liberal eyes have a slight slant?
    Keep working with your therapist and a cognizant thought is sure to appear. someday.

  2. The preceeding comment is exactly what I've mentioned before on this blog: liberals and conservatives hurling personal attacks at each other without discussing the issues intelligently. No wonder we're such a mess now.

    I took great care in that post to make it clear that I was not attacking anyone's intelligence. I would have really liked the first dissenting comment on this blog to contain something of substance, which could be debated. I'll leave the comment here, as it's a good example of why we can't make any real progress in this country.

    Thank you for the comment!

  3. People that reply to blogs using the name "Anonymous" are douched out lame-asses. Getting on a blog and making lame comments about the blogger and not the content of a blog, is about a lame as your get...waste your time jacking off or something...or better yet get on Craigslist, and go to the rants and raves section. That may be more your level... its kinda like finger painting, you'll like it.

    Now to the blog...this comment is spot-on. Anyone that has the same reverence for Mr. Rove and his advisors, as they might of had during round 2, is either unwilling to or unable to look at things objectively. I think David Letterman (or a writer of his show, of whom ever...i saw it on the show...well at least Letterman delivered the puchline, we can agreee o that) said it best..."Staying the course is not strategy its a slogan."

    Insert and squeeze that into you head Ms. Anonymous. Oh, stay the course also.

    -dave " the connoisseur of hate"

  4. Dave "the connoisseur of hate" isn't anonymous? Douched out lame ass? Is that saying my personal sanitation is over the top? Wow! Hey stupid, I'm about to get a lot lamer(more lame?). First, the content of the blog doesn,t deserve commenting on. Secondly, I figured you to be more of a Spongebob kind of guy. Letterman seems a little sophisticated for you. Personally, I prefer to get my news from a news source and not comedy shows. I hear Teletubbies have some brilliant political analysis you might explore. Want to know what's really happening? Get out from behind the computer and join the military. Chin music is cheap.

  5. If the content of the blog does not deserve commenting, then the author's personal traits or family history should also be exempt from commenting. Personal attacks serve no purpose that I can imagine.

    Anonymous, if you wish to provide some arguments against anything in particular in this blog, I'd be glad to examine them; I'm not averse to new ideas that might change my way of thinking. I'll also be happy to look into my family history for any signs of inbreeding, if that would satisfy you. Or, you're free to look at the Seaver family history yourself and see what you might find. Please check out this link: It provides a history up to Daniel Badger Seaver, who was my paternal great-great-grandfather. I can't provide information for the maternal side (Schemm) yet, as I haven't researched it enough. I'd be interested to see what you encounter. For best results, I suggest copying and pasting the above link into a new browser window.

    If you have nothing substantive to say, then I'll respectfully ask that you refrain from further insults. I'll also ask readers to refrain from insulting each other.

    Thanks all,


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