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Who says Democrats don't have balls?

I came across this today: Six months for slashing tires? Ouch. The Republicans still have no senses of humor. I don't think slashing tires does much to advance the Democrats' cause, but whatever the Democrats are currently doing to try to advance their cause isn't working either; I still don't know what the Democrats have on their agenda.

Snow Job

George Bush appointed Fox news commentator Tony Snow as his new press secretary today . All jokes and conspiracy theories about the Republicans and Fox news aside, I actually don't hate the guy. He seems to be fairly level-headed, and it will be interesting to hear his spin on the Bush administration's policies as he takes to the podium. Perhaps Geraldo Rivera is on deck to replace Donald Rumsfeld.
I came across this article about Donald Rumsfeld today. It's interesting that during the Nixon administration, Rumsfeld was actually advocating pulling out of Vietnam, and bringing home the troops. Times sure have changed. The article also highlights a brand new Bushism: "I hear the voices, and I read the front page, and I know the speculation. But I'm the decider , and I decide what is best. And what's best is for Don Rumsfeld to remain as the Secretary of Defense." Don't get me wrong; The word "decider" is perfectly valid English, but probably not used often by those over the age of five. I think the preferred term for us adults is "decision-maker". Let me try that word out for myself... In my house, Kandis is the decider. I am the doer. Read the article here:

Like Hail

We were hit with some hail today. It wasn't too large, maybe about an inch in diameter. I was almost hit a few times by ricocheting stones as I took these shots. Notice that some of these crazy hailstones actually appear to be shooting upward. They were coming down so hard at one point that some were bouncing several feet back into the air.
Have there always been stupid people burglarizing places, or is it a more recent trend? Note to burglars: never rob a restaurant when you're quite obviously starving; it impairs judgement.

94 degrees

It's 94 degrees out as I type this. Yesterday, some parts of Austin hit 100, and we had some rolling blackouts due to a couple of power plants going offline. Sometimes, Texas is ridiculous place to live. How cruel is it of nature to deal us a prolonged drought, and then smack with record-shattering heat? Actually, as I sit here whining, there are some thunderstorms approaching, and rain is forecast during the next few days. There are also some signs that the La Nina is subsiding in the Pacific, which could mean an end to our drought.

Ice Cream!

I heard the ice cream truck go by earlier this evening, and I was taken back to being a kid. It was so far back, in fact, that my family still livied in an apartment complex. That sound was incredibly exciting to us, and we would sometimes have to chase the truck down to get our ice cream fix. As I listened to the sound earlier, I wondered if there were kids running after the truck trying to get their ice cream the way we used to. I hope so, and I'm glad that even though things are very different today, the ice cream truck still makes its rounds.

Fool me once...

I sometimes wonder about the folks who have bumper stickers that show support of the Bush/Cheney 2004 campaign. I'm admittedly looking at things through my liberal glasses, but how does one justify voting for this man twice? I might be able to accept the idea that someone fell for his straight-talking, tax-cutting, cowboy act once. Hasn't enough happened , though, to cause one to question his competence? A second vote for Bush in 2004 must have been the result of pride (voting otherwise would have been an admission of a mistake), denial of the status quo, or some kind of belief that it's better to keep this man in power during wartime. I don't believe that lack of intelligence is a reason, as stupidity transcends party lines. I also have friends that voted for Bush who are equally -- if not more -- intelligent than I. Hey there, one friend of mine who voted for this guy! "...fool me once, shame on ... shame on you. Fool me ... you can't get fooled again."


It's not often that I let people hear my guitar playing; I'm not very good, and am reluctant to share my talents. Every once in a while, though, I hit a small milestone and am proud of the accomplishment. Here I am playing the solo to "Folsom Prison Blues". Please keep in mind that I have a lot working against me. I used Windows Sound Recorder to make this recording. My guitar, when capoed at the first fret, produces some buzzing. This is due to the action on my guitar, a warped neck, or a little of both. Also, as I said, I'm not great and occasionally miss a note. Enjoy! FolsomSolo1.mp3

Strangely unaffected

The revelation from Scooter Libby this morning that George Bush authorized an intelligence leak failed to excite me. My wife told me over IM, and I believe my response was "Awesome". It could be the fact that, in my humble estimation, George Bush and his administration have been incompetent since taking the reigns in 2001. Or, maybe it's the fact that George Bush speaks a breed of pidgeon English that is sometimes difficult to comprehend; perhaps GWB said something like, "I de-unauthorize you to leak this name", which could have been a source of confusion (as double-negatives often are). There's also that little issue of poor planning and policies which led to the formation of a new terrorist haven in Iraq. We could go on for a while. I'm not surprised, and sadly, I don't think anything will come of this. The Republicans will find a way to spin this that will keep things as they are, and we'll all continue living our lives. Maybe, though, I

Crazy Yelling Guy

I used to work at a place where one of the higher-ups yelled and cursed to get his point across, and to insure that things got done. He even called people derogatory names on occasion: "That guy is a fucking ass hole!" (I can foresee increased hits to this site from people searching for porn now. Fantastic!) I often refer to him as "Crazy Yelling Guy". For the majority of the time I worked there, I didn't like the guy, and even got into it with him once. It made for a very unpleasant work environment, and got to the point where I, and other members of my team, dreaded showing up. I believe that he eventually came to respect me somewhat, as I was able to develop some pretty handy applications to help things run a little more smoothly around there. Looking back now, I wonder if he wasn't on to something. So often in the workplace today, everyone's concerned about being politically correct. Conflict is frowned upon, so passive-aggressive has become the n