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Interesting note: the bed is actually the dog's, and not the cat's.

Ponder this!

Tonight, while I was out with some friends, an interesting point came up. One astute individual in our group brought up the fact that liberals tend to be secular, and therefore, subscribe to the Darwinist theory of evolution. At the same time, however, liberals support social programs to help the less fortunate, which is not necessarily in line with the "survival of the fittest" ideas of Darwin.
Why, when Americans are killed, are there celebrations in the streets of predominantly Muslim countries? I don't see people celebrating in Buddhist or Christian nations, for example, when Americans are blown up. Can hatred and rage really be so powerful that they cause one to celebrate the loss of another's life? Certainly, the question is based on what we are shown on the news outlets. Perhaps what we're not being shown is that an equal or greater number of Muslims mourn the loss of American life. Assuming that's true, the question still remains as to why there is any celebration at all. Let's assume that in a Muslim population of 50,000 that 1,000 people celebrate the slaughter of Americans. Isn't that 1,000 people too many? If the tide were turned, would we Americans react the same to a mass slaying of Muslims? Perhaps we already do. Though it may not be as obvious or direct, maybe our patriotic, pro-war bumper stickers and paraphenelia could be perceived as

Stuck on Stupid

I was reading a conservative blog the other day (sounds like the intro to a joke, doesn't it?), and noticed an advertisement for anti-liberal tee-shirts. One tee shirt said "Liberals - Stuck on Stupid". I've been thinking about this for a few days now, and this goofy tee-shirt is really an accurate reflection of the modern conservative mindset. The conservatives bash liberals and use name-calling to make their point. Maybe their points are worth discussing, but their tactics don't help their credibility. It's also impossible to have any kind of rational dialog with people who employ such tactics. Yes, yes, yes. I know that many - if not most - liberals take a similar anti-conservative stance. It would be just as easy to find a liberal wearing a shirt like the one above, designed to insult conservative folks. I don't like this either, and find it equally hard to have any kind of intelligent discussion with liberals who can do nothing but spout anti-conserv
Does anyone know why a dog feels the need to get a drink of water right after you've mopped the living room floor, and then proceeds to walk around on the floor with water still dripping from her mouth? Has anyone cracked this one yet? Anyone...? I should point out that this same dog decided to go #2 on our stairs last weekend, so perhaps I'm setting my standards too high for her. Although, I do give her credit for figuring out how to do that on the stairs. Though I was annoyed at the time, I was also impressed.