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Stuck in Folsom Prison

I admit that the movie Walk the Line has sparked my interest in Johnny Cash's music lately. I've seen the movie twice now. My father is a Cash fan, so I grew up hearing his music quite a bit. As a child, I refused to listen to the music or let myself enjoy it. I think my refusal to accept my parents' music was a pretty typical act of adolescent defiance. I'm a little older now, and I play guitar (not very well). When I first become interested in a particular type of music, it's typically the guitar playing that grabs me at first. I went through this process with Blues, Jimi Hendrix, and, now, Johnny Cash. The appreciation for the music beyond just the guitar playing always comes later. I was mainly drawn to Johnny Cash's music by the Rockabilly-style guitar playing of Luther Perkins . Its simple alternating bass line, punctuated with short solos drive the rhythm and mood of the songs perfectly. I've more or less figured out how to play "Folsom Priso


Well, my generic illness seems to have cleared up. The cough is clearing up by the minute, and I feel normal again. Now, I need to check the scale to see if I lost a few pounds. Hey, if you have to suffer, why not take something positive from the experience, right?

Spoiled Sixteens

Why in heaven's name are we glorifying materialism and greed by televising the lavish parties being prepared and thrown for these spoiled, ungreatful, teen girls? MTV's series, My Super Sweet 16 , is only going to create more of these spoiled brats who see what's available to them. MTV has a history of creating entire generations of people; you may be familiar with the generation of dumbasses who think that The Real World is the real world. Parents, be prepared. You'll soon be dipping into retirement, taking out a second mortgage, and then filing for bankruptcy after your daughter convinces you to drop $2,000,000 on her sixteenth birthday party. Rest assured that if I have a daughter that spoiled, she will be disowned before she's sixteen. There's no single entity to blame here. The child is the product of the parent, and MTV is cashing in on an opportunity (as any smart business does), thereby perpetuating the cycle. Wouldn't it be nice, though, if we

I opened the window, and influenza

Sorry, the title is a reference to a bad joke a teacher of mine told a long time ago, explaining how he got the flu. Get it? Couldn't resist. How do I know if I have the flu? I've had a recurring fever since yesterday, I'm sore, weak, and have a slight, non-productive, cough. Of course, these are symptoms of SARS and Avian Flu. I'm going to play my odds and say I don't have either of those. Kandis, however, also sick, is feeling "sarsy" .