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El Chigüire

Giant rodents, anyone? The Capybara , a.k.a el chigüire, carpincho, or capivara, is a large rodent that stands around two feet tall and weighs anywhere from 75-140 lbs. I actually had the opportunity to see one live at the Cape May County Zoo in New Jersey, and thought it was one of the most interesting creatures I've ever seen. I think we need this as a new pet to add to our growing animal farm. Sadly, though, I suspect it would cut down on the number of visitors to our home. Would you visit the home of someone who owned a giant, semi-aquatic rodent that likely smells like dirty river water? I would!

A Case Against "A Case Against Homosexuality"

The following article offers an interesting series of arguments against homosexuality. They appear to be non-religious in nature, but are clearly driven by religious, conservative, ideology. I should probably admit that as recently as six years ago, that the arguments presented here would have helped me to justify my own views regarding homosexuality at the time. My feelings on the matter have evolved over the years. As a teenager, I felt homosexuality was reprehensible, unnatural, and a sin. As I grew older, distanced myself from religious dogma, and became exposed to more of the world, I began to believe -- and still am of the opinion -- that sexual orientation is biological, though it seems that no one really knows for sure. I'd like to examine a few of the points the article makes, and try to counter those points. I may not do it very well, as I am not much of a writer or a debater, nor am I a scientist. Note that the article is offering counterpoints to commonly made cases f
I tend to feel bitter about the winter weather we get down here in central Texas. Specifically, the weather around the Christmas holiday pisses me off. Growing up in the northeast part of the country, I was accustomed to crisp, cool Christmas weather which was sometimes (though rarely) accompanied by snow. The weather today is sunny, breezy, and the temperature is expected to be in the mid to upper sixties. The windows are open, the sun is shining through them, and the fresh air flowing through the house is shifting my serotonin production into high gear (or so it feels). I think today is the day that I've discovered that I actually do enjoy Texas' unique brand of winter weather. It may take some more time for me to learn to appreciate the summer weather.

I like the Chronic... What!?

Well, this may go down as the funniest thing I've seen all year: The Chronic of Narnia Rap SNL may have pulled off their first hilarious bit this year. Later that night, there was a skit that was almost as funny. The title was something like "Two A-holes Buying a Christmas Tree". If someone would post the video for that, I think my Christmas would be complete! Update: The "Two A-Holes Buying a Christmas Tree" bit has been located. View it here .

Eleven Central

Today, I made a trip to the convenience store to pick up a couple of drinks. Monster Energy drinks rock (low carb, of course)! The gentleman in front of me was purchasing a six pack of Busch Beer . Clearly, this was a man with a taste for the finer things in life. This event transpired at 11am. Perhaps our friend was running on eastern time.
Have you ever come face-to-face with pure evil? I have, and it was this morning while working in my office. As I sat typing, I felt a dreadful feeling of impending death come over me. Frightened and alone, I turned to my right, and saw Chicken perched up on the arm of our futon, casting her evil gaze upon me. I did what anyone in my situation would have done, and snapped this picture.