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Halloween Ingrates

When did parents stop teaching children to say "thank you"? Oh yeah, how about "trick or treat", you pubescent pukes? One group of kids asked for money instead of candy, then booed when I told them all I had was candy. One kid held out his hands and mumbled something unintelligible -- which I suppose could have passed for "trick or treat" (in Swahili) -- to Kandis when she answered the door. Despite some of the grunting cave-children, we also had some very polite and personable children, which is always refreshing.

Whole Foods Nightmare

The Whole Foods store at the Loop 360 and Highway 183 intersection is a nightmare. Where the hell do all these people come from? There are too many damned health freaks in this town. All I wanted was a bag of green tea, and we could barely find parking. Interesting side note: the person in front of us in line brought some groceries for one meal, and maybe a few other miscellaneous items. Her total was eighty dollars. The same food at H.E.B. would have been about half that.

Old Man Seaver makes mental preparations for Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween. On some level... er... on all levels, I'm hoping that the predicted rain actually does come to pass and keeps the trick-or-treaters at bay, for a couple of reasons: I want all the chocolate candy to myself I don't feel like greeting a bunch of rugrats after working all day I'm anti-social, so we can just remove "after working all day" from item two above Kids annoy me Holidays that don't mean a day off from work aren't really holidays Happy Halloween!

A Tail of Two Segments?

We woke up this morning and discovered that Millie's tail did not seem to be functioning properly. It was a bit crooked, and only part of it was able to wag. It also seemed sensitive to the touch. Fearing a broken tail, we took her to a 24 hour emergency clinic, where they gave us some medicine and told us that she had probably jammed her tail somehow. Millie is now resting in bed, and seems to be a little bit groggy from the medications. It's kind of sad, but I think she'll be okay in a few days. Poor Millicent.

SUV Hell

Why do we keep making it easy for people with oversized vehicles? We've already let them take over our roads with their obnoxious driving, and given them hybrid SUV's so they can keep buying these monstrous vehicles and avoid taking heat for guzzling gas. I doubt any of them cared about guzzling gas anyway, but that's not the point. Now, owners of hybrid SUV's will get bigger tax breaks than owners of small hybrid cars such as the Insight or Prius. It's not how many miles per gallon you get that counts, according to this law, but how much more fuel efficent your hybrid vehicle is relative to a non-hybrid vehicle in the same weight class. Even though a small hybrid car might get fifty miles to the gallon vs. a hybrid SUV which might get twenty-eight miles per gallon, the SUV owner gets a bigger tax break because his/her hybrid vehicle is two times more fuel efficient than a non-hybrid of a similar weight, which might get fourteen miles to the gallon. The hybrid car

The Great Cat Debate

Kandis and I have an ongoing debate about the breed of one of our cats. I believe that our cat, Chicken, is what's known as an Abyssinian Ticked Tabby. Kandis disagrees with me. There is a picture of Chicken on the left, and a picture I found online of an Abyssinian Ticked Tabby on the right. Who's on crack, me or Kandis? The cat on the right even has the same crooked mouth as Chicken does. Help me out, people. Let's put this debate to rest for once, and let Rob win an argument!!


I'm not sure why I saw this story in two separate news sources today. What's the big surprise? George Bush reportedly told Palestinian leaders at a summit in Jordan two years ago that God directed him to invade Iraq. Scott Mclellan, White House press secretary, denied that the comments were ever made. Scott Mclellan doesn't know George Bush, apparently. Or, he's so appalled by the absurdity of the statement that his gut reaction was to deny it. Or, maybe George Bush really didn't say this. That's doubtful. Remember when God told George Bush to run for President? Wasn't that goofy? Remember that other time when he told us that God speaks through him? I would have thought God to be a bit more eloquent and intelligent for someone who engineered the world in six days, but since I'm not a believer, I suppose I don't know God like His faithful followers do. According to the article, Bush is quoted as having said "God would tell me, George, go and f

More grammar pet peeves, and other ramblings

I thought of another common grammatical error that drives me nuts, and that is the use of the nominative case of a pronoun where the objective case is required. A glaring example of this is "This event is very important to Joe and I." The grammar in this example isn't correct. When a pronoun is a direct or indirect object, or the object of a preposition (i.e. it follows words like "of", "on", "to", "about", etc...), we apply the obective case to that pronoun. The above example then becomes "This event is very important to Joe and me." Let's take our friend Joe out of the equation. Would we then say "This event is very important to I"? Of course not. That's just silly. Stop doing it! I think the grammar tirade should probably end here, before I start alienating acquaintances. Kandis celebrated her twenty-eighth birthday yesterday. We had a nice day, and then she drank too many martinis. As a result, toda