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Back to reality

We just got back from our little vacation in Cooperstown. Visits with family, and relaxation were the primary goals of the little getaway, and we managed to pack quite a bit of activity into three days. It was also about 20-30 degrees cooler up north, which was a welcome change for us Texans. Our return flight was unpleasant, but not completely unbearable. The four hour flight from Boston was the worst part, and was delayed a bit in Boston, due to excessive air traffic coming into Logan International. No matter where you are, people don't seem to think the rules apply to them. No, you can't get up to go to the bathroom when the plane took off thirty seconds ago. No, you can't go to the bathroom when the plane is going to land in two minutes. How is it that people decide they have to use the restroom five minutes before the plane lands, anyway? If they've held it for the duration of the flight, can't they wait until we get off the plane? On the trip to Cooperstown,

See you later, Millie

Today, I brought our dog, Millie, to the kennel, where she'll be staying for the next five days as we make our trip to Cooperstown. We've only had her for a short time, but it sure is hard to say goodbye to her. As I was leaving, she whimpered as she tried to follow me, but couldn't. I'm sure she'll be excited next Tuesday, and tap-dance for me when I go pick her up. Look out, Cooperstown!

I want big muscles

Today, I finished putting together a power rack. It was a gift from my parents, and it's the best piece of exercise you can ever get for yourself, if you're a weightlifting enthusiast. I took some pictures, but I'm sure Kandis doesn't want pictures of our messy garage, so I swiped a picture of the same make and model. It was fun putting it together, though I had to backtrack a few times, as I skipped over a few details on occasion. The good news is that it's finally done, and I sustained no injuries during the assembly process.

Space Cadet

Today, Discovery landed. I watched on the news this morning as it made its descent, and eventually landed. The landing was mildly exciting, but I otherwise don't give a shit. How many years have we been traveling into space? I know we've made some advancements in space travel over the years. We have technology that can give us some amazing photographs of planets, and gather soil samples from their surfaces, yet it still seems to me that we're falling short of our potential. Space travel is expensive, to be sure. During the past thirty years, however, computer technology has progressed at a rapid clip, while manufacturing costs have decreased (we can now purchase a reliable, fast computer for under $500). I don't have an inkling as to what goes into producing technology used for space travel and exploration, but surely there's a way to make safe, reliable technology at a lower cost. Let's put a man on the moon for a year and see what happens, or start building


Today, I turned 30. I still feel 29, or maybe even 19, but I guess 30 is somewhat of an achievement. I've reached the age where I've learned a few things about life, and earned the respect of some people, but I'm not so old that I have to start worrying about prostate exams or colonoscopies. I'd say I'm in a pretty good spot, but I hope the next 30 years doesn't go as fast.


Since I'm working in downtown Austin now, I decided to take the city bus. Today was one of Austin's Ozone Inaction days, meaning that public transportation was free. Not a bad way to start off a new era of mass transit dependency. After yesterday's ride home, I decided the bus would be less stressful, and I was right. For one dollar a day, I get to keep my blood pressure at a healthy level.