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Reality TV

Oh no, not another cat picture! Yes, I'm afraid so. I couldn't pass up this shot of the two cats getting their "Reality TV" fix.


I like having a dog greet me when I come home. She's more excited to see me than any human would ever be, and I can see the genuine happiness in her eyes when she first sees me. She works hard to contain her excitement as she tries to please me by sitting (I don't make her, she's learned that sitting/laying down is a good thing), but she can't help herself. I take her outside so she can run in circles, and express her love and joy. Millie is a slobbery mess sometimes, but she's a big ball of choclate joy. How could I not love that?

Evil, continued...

I thought about my post about the evil nature of the gay protesters from a few days ago. If someone who disagrees with me stumbles upon that post, they may have a few questions. I've compiled a FAQ to answer some questions that might arise. 1) Aren't you guilty of the same things you're accusing these people of doing? You are isolating a group, making generalizations about them, and engaging in harsh name-calling. I can't argue that. I've focused on a specific group of people, and have made a generalization about them using quite a harsh term. The difference is that I don't wish to see those people's rights taken away, or think of them as second-class citizens, though it may seem that I see them as such. I don't wish any harm on them, nor do I hate them. I made an observation about them and their behavior, which I believe to be vile. I wish they would open their hearts and treat everyone with dignity. 2) Are you gay? No. 3) Why do you like these ga


The other night, I caught a glimpse of a discussion over the Iraq war. Someone said they didn't see any justification for the war. Another participant replied with something along the lines of "They killed 4,000 of our citizens, and you don't think that's justification?". There are two errors in that statement. Can you find them? No, you don't get a prize, only the satisfaction of knowing that you have more than a passing knowledge of current events, and haven't been brainwashed by the Bush administration.


I have mixed feelings about the term "evil". It's a word that conjures up images of a cartoon villain with a sinister laugh, whose sole purpose is to bring mankind to its knees, and whose pleasure is fueled by the pain of others. Certainly, it's not an adjective that I'd loosely throw around to describe anyone whom I dislike, or who I think is a particularly nasty individual. Last night, while watching the television program "30 Days" , I watched clips of anti-gay protestors carrying signs with some of the most hateful verbiage I've ever seen, and I heard some detestable things. Later that night, during a bout with insomnia, it occured to me that those people I had seen were, in fact, evil, and they looked nothing like the notorious villains I mentioned earlier. They were average, friendly looking Americans, filled with hatred driven by ignorance and fear. One might argue that because these people are ignorant, they cannot be classified as evil. I d


This is what I get to see all day as I slave over the computer, debugging code and driving myself mad. Considering he runs around all night playing with our other cat, causing mischief, I guess I should be a little more lenient. Oh! Let's not forget about all the stress that comes with having a dog in the house. I'm sorry Moe, you really do have it tough. Rest up!

Good God!

This online debate over the existence of God is a good read, but it stirred some things up inside me. I consider myself an Atheist, but, for the most part, refrain from engaging in detailed discussions over whether or not God exists. It is an old debate that will never be resolved; the trite, stale arguments on both sides of the issue are ineffective, and sometimes nauseating. It's interesting to watch others debate this subject, but I've yet to see one side sway the other.