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When others write my blog entry for me...

"Texans made a decision about marriage, and if there's a state that has more lenient views than Texas, then maybe that's a better place for them to live." -- Governor Rick Perry (R), Texas, on Gay veterans and marriage. * Note, 11/15/2006: I was looking over this post today, and realized it might prompt some to assume that I'm against gay marriage. At the time I wrote this, I made an assumption that people would know that I was being facetious, based on the overall content of my blog. I now know that many people who stumble upon this blog might only see a single post. I am very much for gay marriage, and I hope it one day becomes the norm and not the exception.

New Family Member

Today, we welcomed Millie to the family. She's a beautiful, friendly, chocoloate lab with a lot of energy. She was a bit anxious at first, but has taken to following me around the house and is now lying next to me as I type this.


This is a picture of me, almost twenty-five years ago, taking a walk with my maternal grandfather, John Schemm. I remember vividly how I wanted to have my very own cane, just like "Pop" did. This must have been a very special moment for me.

When cloning goes awry...

by Don Wright, The Palm Beach Post, FL