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A Fairy Tale World

Why, people? Why are you trying to promote the world's best known fairy tale as something more than it is? Let's teach our kids science in schools, and keep the bible-thumping limited to Church and Sunday School. Thanks!


  1. If you propose to have an open mind, you must be open to ALL ideas. You are displaying "contempt prior to investigation". Until you have an understanding of the book which is referred to "the Bible", do not dismiss it as a fairy tale. I have a rudimentary knowledge of the bible, have read parts of it, also many references to and excerpts from. Know that it contains much documented historical data, and is regarded even by non-believers as one of the greatest pieces of literature of all time. The tale of creation in the Book of Genesis takes up approx 1 page, and has many interpretations. The Bible runs over 1000 pages.
    I studied portions of the Bible in College(Hobart) as part of my 5 semester "Western Civ" requirement. I also took a course on the history of religion. Understand that the history of religion is inseparable from the history of mankind. No facet of life has had as much influence through the ages.
    I have not studied the creationist theories that are being circulated today. Therefore I have no opinion. Thanks for listening. DAD.

  2. I probably wasn't specific enough in that post. I was referring specifically to the "theory" of Creation and the the recent attempts in some parts of the country to add it to grade-school curricula. If the Bible is ever introduced into our public schools system, it should be considered nothing more than a literary work. I don't think the story of Creation has a place being taught, or even mentioned alongside evolution. If we start allowing that, how long will it be before Creation/Intelligent Design replaces evolution as the primary explanation for our origins?

    Intelligent Design presents itself as a more "scientific" way to counter the theory of evolution. I don't know much about it myself, but it's a non-specific, non-demoninational way of saying that we were created, and did not evolve. It seems to focus heavily on the idea that certain recurring patterns in the universe are too complex to have simply evolved over billions of years.

    I think these ideas are interesting fodder for discussion, but don't belong in an academic setting, other than as part of a literature course.

  3. As an additional note, I no longer claim to have an open mind about everything. I'd like be able to say that my mind is open, and that I embrace every idea and every person, but some things that I hear coming from people these days have to be some of the dumbest things I've ever heard. I will not embrace things that I find to be completely absurd.

  4. Remember that having an open mind doesn't mean that you accept or embrace all ideas, it just means that you do not comletely shut them down. By all means, question everything and take a stand, but be objective. I think that in order for one to have a meaningful opinion it must be an educated opinion.(this is obviously not the way of the majority).
    I agree with most of your statements. I think the idea of "intelligent design" has merit. There are many theories and beliefs, [regarding man's beginnings & development] all which will remain forever unproven. Remember that almost every principle pertaining to history is a theory. "Scientific" theories are constantly changing as we discover more. Some principles stand the test of time, but how much time is that? Many of Darwin's postulates are no longer accepted by "the scientific community"; although I believe that the evidence coupled with logic [to support the principle of evolution] is overwhelming. Einstein's Theory of Relativity, which blew open Newton's Laws of Motion, is no longer accepted in its entirety. The introduction of these two theories were tremendous breakthroughs in the evolution of scientific theory. What they did was allow more avenues for discovery.

    So you see where I'm going.

    "God does not play dice with the universe." - Albert Einstein. (many would agree, many would disagree).

    I came across this site - it looks interesting -

  5. see

  6. Just a note: creation and evolution are not mutually exclusive, both can be true. Obvoiously, some living thing was created. Obviously, living things adapted and evolved over time.


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