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Showing posts from March, 2005

Don't be a wuss. Get in a real fight.

I'm a little tired of hearing about high school kids shooting each other up to resolve disputes. Not that I'm old, but when I was in high school (go Class of '93!), people engaged in hand-to-hand combat when they wanted to have it out. Though I don't encourage violence, I'll choose a good wrestling match over a shooting any day. So, kids, the next time the school bully is picking on you, give him a good kick in the nuts or a punch in the jaw instead of reaching for Grandpa's old pistol. There's nothing like a good old-fashioned brawl to prove your might. Heck, even if you get your ass kicked, at least you showed courage and faced your enemy. Don't be lame. * I am in no way encouraging violence here. If we lived in a perfect world, everyone would be happy, and there would be no disputes. We don't live in a perfect world though, and people fight. I'd rather see fists flying that bullets. Wouldn't you?

Cheer up, fellow Atheists!

Though it appears that the religious right has a tight grip on our nation, I'm somewhat encouraged by an article in Free Inquiry Magazine , which cites a report indicating an increase in the percentage of Americans who do not subscribe to a religious doctrine. The figure rose from 9 percent in 1993, to 14 percent in 2002. Additional reports from 2004 place this number as high as 16 percent. Is America slowly freeing itself from the vice grip of narrow-minded religious doctrines? Is the religious right making a desperate last stand, that will ultimately result in its demise? Regardless of the direction our country ultimately takes, it's clear that we'll at least have to endure a few more years of conservative ideology and bigotry in our government, and our daily lives. I have to believe that in time, we'll come out of this mess an enlightened nation, one guided by science, inquiry, open dialogue, tolerance, respect, and compassion.