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Bottle Cap Obsession

Our cat, Chicken (yes, that's her name), loves bottle caps. She knows when we have a bottle that contains a cap before we even open it, and will not leave us alone until we give her the cap. If we don't give it to her, and we set it down within her reaching distance, she will swipe the cap before we even know about it. She'll go crazy with it for about five minutes, and then stash it away under the couch for another day.

The Perfect Brew

It looks a lot better in person, and is delicious. This is probably the best batch I've brewed yet.

A New Season

After a one month hiatus, we were treated this evening to the start of a brand new sixteen weeks of backstabbing, lying, ass-kissing, self-centered egomaniacs going at each other's throats to win a job working for an asshole of a boss. I've never seen anyone with such a talent for making people feel like shit about themselves. Trump may be the boss from hell, but it seems there's some kindness somewhere inside him. Apparently, one day while driving to Atlantic city, Trump's vehicle broke down, or got a flat tire, or something equally inconvenient. A very kind person stopped to help "the Donald", who later showed his gratitude to this individual by paying off his house. OK, maybe he wins a few points there. I still don't want to work for him, though.

Somebody will kill it...

I give the little dog with the high-pitched bark dog residing with the couple below us another six weeks to live before someone offs it. I'm reminded of a "Reno 911" episode , in which a man calls the police and asks them to put his poor, ailing dog out of its misery. Deputy Garcia obliges, after which point we soon discover that the dog belonged to the man's neighbor, not him. He simply found his neighbor's dog terribly annoying. Brilliant, I say!

And to the Republic...

The United States is not a Democracy. The next time you feel the urge to extoll America as a bastion of Democracy (I don't know how often this desire actually manifests in people) stop yourself for a minute. The United States is a "Constitutional Republic", and this is alluded to in our Pledge of Allegiance. I've been reading on this quite a bit lately, my interest sparked by a friend. In my ignorance, I've always thought of us as a Democracy. I hate to blame the public school systems that I attended, but I wasn't asleep in high school, and I think I would have remembered being told that we are not a Democracy. Our Founding Fathers intentionally avoided creating a Democracy when they drafted the Constitution. The principal difference between a Republic and a Democracy, in fact, is the presence of a Constitution . Here are the primary differences between a Constitutional Republic and a Democracy, courtesy of Citizens for Constitutional Government :

No WMD? No shit.

I'm a day late in acknowledging this. Nothing like covering your ass after producing synthetic intelligence. Now that the search is off, maybe they can focus a bit more on domestic policy. Stimulating the economy and "tamin' the queer folk" are on top of the list, I believe.

Chips and Drink?

My buddy and I regularly attend a local Subway for lunch. No matter how many times we go, we can't get it through their head that we only want a drink with our meal, no chips. Yet, when the sandwich is finished being built, and it's time to pay up, what do they ask us? "Chips and Drink (for you, sir)?" "No, thanks, just a drink today!".


I donated to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund today, via . While the amount I donated was paltry by any standard, I like to think that maybe my donation will buy someone a meal, some clothing, or even a small toy. I don't think I'm done yet. I may try to throw together some type of package and ship it out, or at least donate a little more money when I get paid next week. Whatever you can do to help, go for it. Put yourself in these peoples' shoes for a moment, and you'll see how easy it is to give up a little of your money or time for them.