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Dress for success?

Why is it that we're so obsessed with "dressing to impress"? I've gone through numerous reasons in my head countless times, and none of them hold up to scrutiny of any kind. Below are some things that I've heard, read, or thought of when trying to rationalize this ridiculous idea of dress codes: "It presents a professional image to our clients." -- If your clients aren't impressed with your track record, then it's time to re-evaluate your performance. If your performance is sound, and proven, then maybe it's time to decide if this client is worth dressing up for. The client probably is worth it, but if he/she values your services enough, should it matter how you look? Nope. "It fosters a professional work environment." -- Bullshit. I work for a company where we are required to dress "business casual". Not a day goes by when an expletive is not uttered by one of the members of senior management, in earshot of everyone el

Fascism 101

I've often heard the word "fascism" used in reference to the current administration, and the direction our country seems to be headed. I never understood the true meaning of the word, only vaguely understanding that it related to dictatorships, and was either something of the past, or limited to third-world countries run by egomaniacal mental patients. The link here is to a sermon delivered by a minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Austin. While reading this, I went through a range of emotions, but thankfully, I finished reading with a sense of hope. Please read this sermon. It's worth a read, and will have you looking at our current political and social situation in a new light.

I'm not a pansy

I'm tired of liberals being characterized as sissies. The last time I checked, I was a liberal, but I would hardly label myself as a "girly-man". I think the neo-cons like to call us pansies because we opposed the Iraq war, and war in general. Other than that, I can't think of anything that would define us as being softies. We're content to pay our taxes, we care about our planet, we are proponents of gay rights, and aren't interested in seeing our civil liberties infringed upon. I suppose some of those issues thar are dear to us might lead the conservatives and religious right to believe liberals are weak. I'd be lying if I said it didn't annoy me. I like to believe that my tax dollars go to helpful governemt programs (it keeps me from getting too pissed off about the $300+ dollars that comes out each of my paychecks). I'm not sure why I'm concerned about our planet. After all, I won't be around in sixty years (that's based on the c

Four more years. You IDIOTS!

America showed its collective stupidity in 2000 when it put George Bush in office the first time. After witnessing first hand how far south we've headed in the past four years, we chose to put him in office again yesterday. America, here's what you've given us to look forward to for the next four years: A continued increase in anti-gay sentiment and legistlation. Yesterday alone, eleven states voted to approve anti-same-sex marriage constitutional amendments . Yes, it's anti-gay, and it's bigotry; there's no dancing around it. A war with no end in sight. We've gotten into an unnecessary conflict, and now the hole in which we find ourselves grows deeper by the month. George Bush's approach to fighting global terrorism is ineffective, and has only served to strengthen the terrorists' motives for attacking us. A shaky economy. We can blame the war, we can blame Bush (who, of course, started the war), or we can blame the natural cycle of the economy. how

See Rob lift (or just read about it)

In addition to being a raving lunatic, I also lift weights. I am not incredibly strong, nor do I look like a bodybuilder. For fun, I'd thought I'd post my current max lifts, for your enjoyment (weight in pounds, followed by number of reps): Smith Squats: 265 x 4 DB Shoulder press: 52.5 x 8 Partial Deadlift: 240 x 5 Chin-ups: Bodyweight x 5.5 Bench press (seated, machine): 150 x 7 My bench press is dismal. I'm hoping the machine I'm using has an excessive amount of friction, as it seems quite old and delapidated. My hope is that if I were to do an actual bench press, laying vertically with an olympic bar, I could press around 200 lbs. (still weak, by most standards). The Smith Machine Squat is frowned upon by many in the weightlifting community. I've done my share of reading on the subject, and have come to the conclusion that if performed carefully (as with any exercise), it can be very beneficial. Since this isn't a weightlifting blog, I will make this my last