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Florida outshines itself yet again!

Just when you thought Florida couldn't possibly screw up another election, it looks like they're on track to do it yet again. Now, it appears that 58,000 absentee ballots never made it from the election office to residents in Broward county, which happens to have a large population of Democrats. Republican Governor, brother of the President... hmmm... conspiracy theories, anyone?

John Kerry's 1971 Congressional Testimony

I've worked about halfway through this so far, and it's a fascinating read. At this point, I've not come across anything that approaches betrayal. The man served his country, and came back to tell about the atrocities that occurred during the war in which he fought. To say nothing of these war crimes would be a betrayal, as I see it. Of course, the neo-conservative bunch would have a field day with my opinions, but these are the same people who tell us invading Iraq was a good move.

Gay marriage... get over it.

Here's a revolutionary thought for all of you folks out there to whom homosexuality is a big mystery: if you can be born a heterosexual, you can be born a homosexual or a bisexual. I am not an expert in science, much less genetics, but I personally believe that sexual preference is influenced by genetic factors, and is not a choice. I am attracted to females, not by choice or coersion, but simply because of my chemical and emotional responses to females who are particularly attractive, such as my wife :-) I could not one day decide that I am attracted to males, because my body is programmed to be attracted to females; I have no choice in that matter. I simply do not have a raw, physical, attraction to the male species. Keeping the aforementioned in mind, the only reason left to deny gay marriage is bigotry. Marriage -- whether you believe it is a religious institution or simply a celebration of the love that two people share for one another -- should not be denied to any couple

Wisdom from the Buddha

The Buddha taught that human suffering, both mental and physical, is caused by desire and attachment. This teaching is the first of the Four Noble Truths, which form the basis of Buddhist practice. When we stop to think about this statement, it becomes very clear how true it is, and how we can all relate to it. Why do we get upset when we're stuck in traffic? It is because we desire to be at our destination. Perhaps we are on the way to work, or coming home from work. As soon as we get in our cars, we attach ourselves to the idea of going somewhere. There's no time for any hindrances! What causes us irritation when we spill something on the floor? It wasn't in our plans; maybe our mind was set on going out for a walk, or heading to the movies. We can't be inconvenienced by having to clean up a spill first. Buddha taught the root cause of anguish, but he also told us that there was a way to end it, by way of the Eightfold Path , in which we strive for daily mental

America... getting safer by the day

Another sure sign that we're winning the war on terror, and Bush has made America safer. Thanks, George! According to the article, the explosives were under IAEA control until we invaded Iraq in March, 2003. Just renews your convictions that the war was the right thing to do, doesn't it? Scott Mclellan, White House spokesman, was quick to point out the the explosives were the responsibility of the Iraqi interim government now. Wow! Apparently, we're too busy ridding the world of terrorism to be concerned about a piddly pile of explosives (mind you, we're talking in tonnages here).

Tough vs. Effective

George W. Bush's "Tough on Terror" policy does not necessarily translate to an effective one. According to Newsweek polls, however, 18% more of Americans believe that Mr. Bush is the better anti-terrorism candidate. I suppose it's that matter-of-fact, cowboy style of speaking for which Mr. Bush is so well known, that people seem to buy. CNN tells us that the insurgency in Iraq is now 12,000+ strong and includes foreign fighters, criminals, and disaffected Iraqis. Our troops are being blown up almost on a daily basis, and apparently, some U.S. troops, believing their missions to be too dangerous, are defying orders . We've ticked off a good chunk of our allies in Europe with our "tough", "go-it-alone" anti-terror policy, innocent people are being decapitated by terrorists, and just when we thought things were looking up in Afghanistan, some nutcase blew himself up in Kabul, an attack for which the Taliban claims responsibility (Remember


I am a big fan of the dietary supplement, Stacker 2 . I'm not convinced of its fat burning properties, but it sure does give me an energy boost. I started doing push-ups outside of my buddy's cubicle today. It was fantastic. I still feel great, and will probably go hit the elliptical machine now, or the treadmill, or both. Wow!!!

I'm a Christian, therefore, I'm better than you.

Why is it that devout and born-again Christians feel the need to proclaim the supremacy of their religion while simultaneously making underhanded comments that disparage your own beliefs? I was recently reading through an exchange on a message forum where a discussion of separation of church and state was brought up. One participant stated that he/she was not a Christian, and the first sentence of the rebuttal to this person's post was "I'm sorry you're not, but it's your choice...". This type of comment is typical of Christians who feel that they've found the only way to live one's life, and is a very bigoted point of view. I'm not a fan of bigots. Many Christians have a superiority complex about their religious convictions. I'd like them to re-examine their belief system, which apparently allows for bigotry and judgement upon those who do not share their beliefs. Here are some things that I have been told: "I've studied [insert your

To ESPN, with Love

Dear Delusional ESPN Executive, Poker never has been, nor will it ever be, an athletic event. Showing Poker on your network does not make it s sport; it is simply a game, a hobby, even. The hand-eye coordination involved is little to none, and it requires no strength or athletic prowess of any kind. Valuable air time is being wasted here; I'd rather be watching a Billiards match between Jeanette Lee and Allison Fisher. Some might argue that Billiards isn't a sport either. I disagree. Billiards requires flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and one must be at least in marginally good health to play. Some of the Jabba-the-Huts I've seen on the Poker table wouldn't last ten minutes on a pool table. Please reconsider your decision to show Poker on your network. What's next, backyard Barbecue Grilling, Vacuuming, toothbrushing, perhaps? Sincerely yours, Rob S. A Concerned Viewer

My First Blog Entry

I wanted my very first blog entry to be exciting and engaging. However, it is 1:17 AM, and I find myself having little to say, yet I still feel the need to introduce myself to the world. I claim no expertise in any material presented here, and it is my hope that some of my posts will compel you to respond to me, and tell me how brilliant, stupid, or narrow-minded I am. Pehaps I'm setting my sights too high, and should simply aim for posting something more than once a month. We'll start from there, and see what happens.